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National Jerky Day: Its Origins & Why We Love It!

National Jerky Day: Its Origins & Why We Love It!

We celebrate many days throughout the year. We honor people and things that we love and can’t live without. So why not have a special day for jerky—the one snack that has been with us through all our life stages! Whether we pack it in our gym bags or kids’ lunchboxes, it’s the easy-to-find snack that we can take anywhere for as long as our latest adventure takes!

How did this awesome snack become part of our lives? Let’s start at the beginning:

Jerky has its origins in the South American Andes, where it was a luxury item for the Incas. Known as ch’arki in the Quechua language, jerky became charqui in Spanish, meaning “to burn,” as in meat. A pound of meat will reduce to about 4 oz after the dehydration process, resulting in our celebrated snack. 

Fast forward a few thousand years to 2007 when two friends began experimenting with flavors for a healthy snack alternative. Our homemade jerky was so tasty that our friends begged us to keep making it so they could enjoy it on a regular basis—the result was WC Jerky!

So why do we love jerky so much?

#1: Jerky is always fresh.

Jerky prepared properly can be stored for several months without refrigeration because the dehydration process removes most of the moisture. Its portability and no-fuss storage makes it a perfect snack for travelers, study buddies or parents on-the-go!

#2 Jerky is delicious and nutritious.

Jerky is made of nutrient-dense meat that is high in protein and low in carbs. It is healthy, keto-friendly and great for active lifestyles. You can eat it straight out of the bag, use it as a salad topping or cook with it in sauces, soups and stews. Our beef is locally sourced in Texas and seasoned with spices for every palate for everyone to enjoy!

#3 Jerky is versatile… even in space!

From regular smoke flavors of applewood, hickory, or mesquite to honey habanero and teriyaki, you can get creative with jerky! Astronauts often snack on jerky while they are away from home—in fact, the International Space Station requested WC Jerky a few years ago! Houston repackaged our jerky to get it safely to space so the engineers there could enjoy their favorite treat. It is also quite common for military personnel to carry jerky in their MOLLE (specialized military backpacks & equipment) as a meal replacement and a great reminder from home.

Even though National Jerky Day comes once a year on June 12, we can snack on our favorite jerky all year round! So, as we celebrate the awesomeness of jerky this month, remember how great jerky can be as a companion on your adventures or shared with family and friends wherever you roam!

Share your experiments and pictures with us at #whereijerky and we can celebrate jerky all year long together!

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