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W+C Jerky is made to impress your taste buds.


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A few single bags of W+C Jerky may not be enough. Order in our 3 lb. bulk bags and you might have some to share!

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We Support Our Troops

Nothing like beef jerky when you are far from home. We love our troops! We would love to send some for you - we always make sure they get the support they need with a few extra jerky bags!


W+C Jerky - Inside the Bag

Aug 11, 2021

Back to School Tips - Parent to Parent

Need some back to school tips from a COO of a large household? Come see what 20 years of experience has taught me. We're in this together.

Jul 12, 2021

5 Snacks Right for your Adventure

Planning a trip? Don't forget the road trip snacks - Beef jerky, nuts, trail mix, freeze-dried or dried fruits and sunflower seeds. Convenient, healthy, and delicious. Bring these snacks along for the perfect fuel to your adventure.

Jun 22, 2021

National Jerky Day: Its Origins & Why We Love It!

Even though National Jerky Day comes once a year on June 12, we can snack on our favorite jerky all year round! So, as we celebrate the awesomeness of jerky this month, remember how great jerky can be as a companion on your adventures or shared with family and friends wherever you roam!

May 28, 2021

5 ways to better your summer BBQ

Warmer weather and the beginning of summer cues up barbecue season. Backyard grilling provides the right atmosphere f...

Apr 14, 2021

5 Basic Emergency Supplies You Need

    Preparing to move from Utah to Georgia, my husband and I wanted to take our family and friends to our favorite ...

Mar 19, 2021

When WE Have Diabetes

The first time I really heard the word “diabetes” was the day I told my mother I was engaged. My fiancé of less than ...
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